The Joys of Commuting

Last week’s commute was just horrific.  It took me three hours to get home on two days out of the five, with one of those days seeing the bus between the railway station and my village break down 10 minutes into the journey.  I had to get an Uber to get home.

But there is one thing that makes my commute a little better.  I managed to source Apple’s Airpods a couple of weeks ago from a store in Wimbledon.  And they’re just terrific.  I’ve spent a happy week listening to the audio book version of Terry Pratchett’s Thud! via Audible, and these things made carrying a pair of earphones a breeze.  They live in my trouser pocket, and I just have to whip them out whenever I need them.  No cables.  No fuss.

They look flippin’ odd, but their portability more than makes up for it.

The only problem with the AirPods is that they don’t block out the sounds of trains whizzing past, nor do they block the sound of the train guard announcing things at every station stop.  Otherwise, they’re brilliant for listening to audio books, and they’re not bad at listening to music.

If only they’d get rid of :

  • Signalling problems across the South Western Railway network
  • Disruptive passengers
  • Broken down trains

and improve:

  • More direct trains from Woking to Wimbledon and vice versa
  • Lazy people not putting their discarded coffee cups and rubbish in bins mere meters away
  • My memory – I left my umbrella on a train a couple of weeks ago – the day it absolutely hammered down with rain