I’ve had a rather nostalgic weekend revisiting some old TV via YouTube.

Spent some time watching a couple of documentaries on Rod Hull, a childhood hero of mine, whose Emu puppet terrorised all and sundry. In many ways it was a brilliant act – he involved whoever was nearby in it, even if it meant you ended up on the floor fighting off an emu puppet:

It lead to watching several episodes of Emu’s World (including the All Live Emu’s World series in which attempting to phone people was an absolute disaster week after week ) which brought back a lot of good memories.

It made me appreciate the work that Rod did as both performer and writer, along with Carol Lee Scott as Grotbags and Freddy Stevens as Robot Redford. Oh, and David Tate as Croc. Imagine putting a pantomime on every week – live. That took guts and hard work. And the prizes were also pretty decent too. Walkmans, latest LPs, radios, BMX bikes – all good stuff.

Emu had a big influence on me as a kid..

Rod Hull had a thing for the ladies, and it was interesting to watch two different documentaries about his life. The second one, from 2003, mentioned two different girlfriends towards the end of his life (he was still married at the time – with the missus back in Australia) and there were some serious vibes when one girlfriend mentioned the other. Blimey.

But he was very good with kids. They liked him, and he got on well with them. It is said that Rod hated Emu, but I honestly think it was a very good, very funny and very clever act. And looking at his earlier work in Australia, he definitely had that Stan Laurel look and work ethic about him. I really do think people should have given him the chance to do more writing – which is what he wanted.

Rod Hull was a genius and is greatly missed.

The other thing I came to, thanks to YouTube algorithms, was this compilation of Office Crabtree’s greatest lines from the BBC sitcom, ‘Allo ‘Allo which I also loved as a kid. I still laugh like a loon at some of these.

Series 26, episode 4 of Top Gear – with Matt Baker as the Star in the Reasonably Priced Car

It’s really rather odd to see oneself pop up clearly in the background of an internationally syndicated car show – one of the BBC’s biggest exports – though that’s exactly what happened. This is the one time I’m glad a TV show isn’t presented in UltraHD / 4K.

The show itself was recorded sometime last year and was a double recording. The other guest was James Marsden (Westworld) which aired as the series opener a few weeks ago. I didn’t stay for that one. My legs were getting tired from standing around so long, and I also wanted to say hello to my former colleagues at Memset before heading out of Dunsfold.

BBC iPlayer version of the same thing. Less of a blue tinge.

What I find very odd is that when I posted about this on LinkedIn, it has been my most popular post so far with a staggering (to me at least) 631 views from across the board. Very odd. I must start popping up in more TV programs. How about on Doctor Who as one of the ugly aliens?