No, the polling station wasn’t in the Red Light district

Very interesting turn of events with the December 2019 General Election. It reinforces that Labour and Lib Dems were utterly useless (but Labour spectacularly so). I tried to vote tactically (Labour), but I just couldn’t believe how bad they did. For a former mining community to turn to the Tories is nothing short of shocking – indeed, the entire North went Blue.

The biggest problem with the opposition was that they just were not willing to work together. There were insults traded between them and all manner of stupidity mixed in with that. Consequently, it’s the lack of co-operation what killed the Remain vote. They couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery. Maybe now Corbyn will be replaced with somebody who can actually lead a decent opposition (along with the break-up/closure of Movement).

Similarly for Lib Dems – for whom I was a member until Jo Swinson (for whom I voted for in the party election) made the biggest mistake ever. I won’t say what that is as it is an extremely polar view, but it was a major policy which – without discussion – would have had major repercussions. So I cancelled my membership straight away. I had to think long and hard about voting for them, which ultimately I didn’t. It would have made no difference whatsoever if I had.

Oh well. It’s not the end of the world (yet).