This blog is now available in IPv6 where available..

If you’re one of the lucky few to have an ISP that natively supports IPv6, you’ll find that you will now resolve and connect directly to this blog over IPv6 rather than IPv4. Nothing exciting, but I hadn’t realised that cPanel could let me use individual IPv6 addresses with /128 subnets.

It’s nothing exciting, sure, but I hadn’t realised that cPanel could let me use individual IPv6 addresses with /128 subnets.  It’s interesting that when checking over this blog’s stats, there are an ever increasing number of people connecting via IPv6.  So it’s all good news.  IPv6 will play a much more important part in the infrastructure of the internet in the forthcoming months and years, so getting this done now ensures that I don’t have to worry about this too much in the future.

(Sidenote: This isn’t the first time has been available with IPv6 connectivity; many moons ago when I was putting CloudFlare through its paces, it presented an IPv6 tunnel that connected to the backend – e.g. the webserver, via IPv4.  I’ve also ran on a Debian nginx server that had native IPv6 out the box too.  But as I deal with cPanel enquiries every day, it makes sense for me to run this blog under cPanel – and up until fairly recently, IPv6 support in cPanel has been rather clunky.)

Don’t like the new Top Gear?  Here’s a solution..

.. turn off your TV.  Or change channels.  Or read a book.   Or listen to music.  And never tune into the thing again.  Because you’ll just keep having a moan.

Anything but the repetitive droning on about Chris Evans shouting; that it’s boring; that they using canned laughter (they’re not – and indeed, it seems that people and newspapers are obsessed over the BBC using canned laughter – what flipping century are you living in?); that this is the same; that it’s too different; insert all manner of swear words and insults because people seem to think THEY own Top Gear.