Three: Make it wrong.

My contract with Three ends on 1st October, but do you want to know how incredibly difficult it is to give cancellation notice now without incurring a silly penalty charge from them?  Very.  They want at least £17 to cancel the contract early.  All I’m giving them is a little over 30 days notice to cancel. I don’t want to cancel the contract straight away.  I want to give them advanced notice not to renew so I don’t have to keep finding the time to phone these idiots to cancel.  I’ve been on the phone to them on Tuesday when the operator told me to call back today.  And having called them back to today, I’ve been told to call back tomorrow or they’ll throw that penalty charge at me.

Oh, and the 0333 number they have on their website to contact them from a non-Three number is wrong.  That’s another point against them.

What a bunch of muppets.

Which very likely explains Jackson, Three’s puppet mascot built by the Jim Henson Creature Shop.  I guess his pants are on fire whenever he exclaims “Make it Right!”.  Seeing how he’s made of synthetic material, the rest of him should have turned into a burnt out rag by now. Or maybe at the very least: all fur, no knickers.

Got to love the 21st-century folks.  We can build super-advanced mobile phones, but when it comes to mobile phone contracts we’re stuck in the 18th century.  Which is why I will ever only choose a SIM only plan with no more than 12 months commitment on it.

I do wish Ofcom would step in to make issues like this a thing of a past.