The Goodies’ Moving House, and Other Things That Happened This Week

It’s been a fairly interesting week. Thanks to Britbox, I caught up on all The Goodies episodes and decided to buy the complete collection on DVD. Fourteen, yes, fourteen discs!

Given these episodes were made in the 70’s, some of the effects work featured in these episodes are rather extraordinary despite their simplicity compared to what we can do today – and I can’t stop chuckling at some of the crazy props that had to be made for these shows. And there are definitely some dodgy episodes, but overall it’s extremely good fun. The Le Mans episode in which the gang eventually enter the race with their house is bloody hilarious – and somehow it invoked Dianne Wynne Jones’/Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle. But Kitten Kong will always, always remain my favourite episode (with the puppet government episode is a definite second). And I hadn’t realised that Bill Odie was a very talented musician – some of the background music is super catchy.

The entire 14 disc set is going to come in handy when we’ve all exhausted our fuel supplies and I’m not able to get to work. Oh, hang on, I can work from home (mostly) .. drat!

On Monday I upgraded to iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15 and WatchOS 15 and I’m suitably impressed with some of the new features. The Live Text features in Apple Photos (and the Camera app) is extremely useful – it’ll detect text and allow you to select and copy it. It came in extremely useful on Friday when I was in the office and doing some asset management with new laptops – take a photo of the back of the machine with the service tags, then copy the text within the photo, and paste it to the asset management app on the Mac.

On Friday I eventually sent back my iPhone 11 Pro Max and ordered the iPhone 13 Pro Max, preparing to add another notch to the list of smartphones I’ve had over the years:

It’s a pity Apple Photos doesn’t let you list the number of photos per album in the sidebar, but I’ve been able to compile the statistics by looking at the album’s info header per album and creating this table:

iPhone modelPhotos and videos taken
iPhone 4536 Photos, 42 Videos
iPhone 5297 Photos, 10 Videos
iPhone 5s473 Photos, 8 Videos
iPhone 6259 Photos, 16 Videos
iPhone 6s231 Photos, 14 Videos
iPhone 6s Plus710 Photos, 49 Videos
iPhone 7 Plus616 Photos, 15 Videos
iPhone 8 Plus9 Photos
iPhone X166 Photos, 15 Videos
iPhone XS Max399 Photos, 11 Videos
iPhone 11 Pro Max371 Photos, 10 Videos
iPhone 12 Pro Max184 Photos, 5 Videos

The iPhone 8 Plus was the least used model. The iPhone 6s Plus the most used (took a LOT of photos during my time in the Pacific Northwest). The iPhone 8 Plus’ entire contribution to my photo gallery includes a photo of a case for the imminent replacement for the 8 Plus – the iPhone X:

The iPhone 12 Pro Max obviously doesn’t have many photos given the pandemic – but as we’re getting out and about a little more, I’m sure that when I get the iPhone 13 Pro Max, I’ll beat that figure somewhat. Certainly, I’d like to get out much more next year – go travelling a bit more, even if it’s only within the UK.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max I’ve ordered has 1Tb storage as I’m very keen to get my hands on the ProRes video capability – my only concern is if Apple uploads the data (which maxes out at 6Gb per minute) to my iCloud Photo Library. I hope they include an option not to do that. Having video which is considerably less compressed and sharper is a definite preference, even if it comes at the cost of storage. My 2021 iPad Pro has the full 2Tb of storage, so I can always transfer it and edit it there (come on, Apple, make Final Cut Pro available for iPadOS!), before hooking the iPad Pro up to an ethernet adaptor and transferring it cloud storage where I’m not paying Apple prices.

Speaking of the 2021 iPad Pro, I used it for a while whilst I was updating my work Mac to macOS Big Sur 11.6. There were only four people in the office that day (including myself) and it was eerily quiet.

The posh way to tweet.

I highly recommend the Keychron K2v2 mechanical keyboard. It can operate wirelessly or wired, is compatible with Windows, macOS and iOS/iPadOS and supports three wireless devices. Similarly, the Logitech MX Master 3 supports up to 3 devices wirelessly.

I’m fond of the stand – if you’re doing a lot of writing, it’s nice to be able to put the iPad in a vertical position and be able to write with the extra screen estate. I do wish Microsoft would update Office for the iPad so that it more closely resembles the full desktop version – it feels far too simplistic right now. I’m also hoping that John August will get around to releasing Highland 2 for iPadOS at some point – it’s a wonderful editor for all things and uses Markdown/Fountain languages.

Next week is going to be interesting. I’ve not decided which days I’m going into the office, but given that I’ve seen the queues for petrol myself, it could be that it may not even happen at all. We have a shortage of bus drivers in the area where I live, so there’s also that. Such fun!