The last gadget I bought was..

.. a USB portable desk fan.

As temperatures climb to uncomfortable figures this week, something needed to be done to keep cool whilst working both from home and in the office. So I saw this Tripole fan on Amazon, and immediately bought one. It has three speed settings and I’m currently on a small break in the office typing this up blog post whilst the fan is on full blast. It’s lovely. How long the fan will last before the motor conks out or befalls some other tragedy, I don’t know. But at £11 I can’t complain.

I took my iPad mini 6 to bed with me last night with one of the USB-C to USB-A adaptors from the MacBook Pro and ran the fan off the iPad mini throughout the night. It only drew 10% of the iPad’s battery. And I had a great sleep (until 4am when I had to get up and get ready to go to work due to early morning power maintenance).

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