The scales of justice!

I’m loving my new Withings wireless scales.  At £52 (bought in the sale – they’re now £89), they’re pretty pricey, but they get the job jobbed.

Over the past six days, I appear to be losing weight (2lbs!) despite trying eating different things to see how much they add or remove to the total each day. After an initial weigh-in last Saturday morning, the biggest gain was a Carluccio’s breakfast (magnifica) shortly afterwards (the biggest rise as seen below in the chart – but I was also wearing clothes at the time – each weigh-in occurs first thing in the morning after using the toilet and while I’m not wearing very much clothing).

After that, I started eating sensibly, or at least reasonably sensibly based around the Weight Watchers point scheme.  I’m still hacked off that there are no meetings near me that offer a time that’s suitable for somebody working a 37 hour week.   But hey-ho.

The slightly raised peaks are Domino’s pizza and a Chinese respectively.  Providing I stick to a sensible diet (I don’t have to cut out my morning coffees – now only taking the smallest size – and a daily chocolate bar at work is okay), things should progress nicely.  I’ve also cut out artificial sweetener.  I should reach my ideal weight by February 2018 according to the Withings app.

As for Apple Watch/Apple Health – I’m currently smashing my target roles and are raised the moving goal considerably, and will continue to do so as things progress with the weight loss.

Note: I have not assumed my identity as The Snail yet – too bloomin’ cold.