The single, most annoying thing about technology is..

.. as soon as you buy something, the next generation is released the very next day.  Having just bought the Sony RX100 mark IV, the RX100 mark V has been announced and is due out this month.

That said, while the mark V introduces even faster auto focusing through 315 AF phase detection, with auto focusing reduced to around 0.05 seconds, it’s also £400 more expensive than the mark IV.  Plus the mark III is continuing to sell just as well.  The mark V doesn’t offer a better electronic viewfinder, nor does it offer a touchscreen.  What the mark V does that the IV does not – 24 fps continuing shooting in RAW.  Impressive for a non-DSLR.  Otherwise the specs remain mainly the same as mark IV.

The mark V’s 4K video system has improved, but I reckon they’ll still only limit it to 5 minutes per clip given how small the camera is, and how hot it’s going to get to be able to process the video.  I have a solution to that, but I won’t reveal that for a little while as yet.

In any event, best strategy is to let others tinker with the new model for a bit to see how things pan out over a period of several months.   I’ll be perfectly happy with the mark IV for a couple of years.  By the time I’m ready to upgrade, the mark VI or VII will be out that will probably make marks III, IV and V look like tinker toys.  Or maybe I’ll upgrade to DSLR?  We’ll see.