The Tex Avery Collection (DVD box set)

As a kid, I was a big cartoon fanatic.  Loved them.  I particularly loved watching them with dad.  Nothing made me happier.  Out of all the cartoons, Tex Avery was perhaps my favourite director of them all.  His Droopy and Screwball Squirrel cartoons were some of the silliest, craziest, funniest stuff ever.

So I was delighted, after a particularly stressful week, to discover that a DVD box set exists of some of Tex Avery’s best cartoons.  It’s not exhaustive by any means, but there’s enough material here (6 discs, 17 cartoons per disc) to last quite a while.  Interestingly, this has never been released in the UK.  It’s a Dutch/French release with English/French audio and Dutch subtitles.  Thankfully you can turn off the subtitles and watch the thing in English.

I tell you this – last weekend I have never laughed so hard in my life.  They’ve still got it.  They’re still super crazy, super silly and utterly surreal.  And they are as funny as hell.Sure, Avery tends to recycle a lot of the gags many times over, but overall it’s still as fun as it ever was regardless of whoever is being smashed around the head with a mallet.

WARNING: Contains nuts.
WARNING: Contains nuts.

It’s not just the silly gags either.  The animation, the character design, the sound effects are all top notch.  It’s hard to believe this quality was possible – especially when you consider that many of these cartoons were released during wartime.

I think the next thing on my sights – maybe after I’ve passed my driving test.  IF I pass my driving test, is the complete Looney Tunes collection.

You’re never too old (or young) to enjoy a good quality cartoon.