Their way or the (super information) highway..

It’s that time of year where I evaluate the value of my home insurance and whether it gets renewed or whether I find another insurance company. I like to shop around for a good deal. I decided to give Sky Protect a look in, and it’s higher than what I’m paying at the moment. I want to drill into some of the costs, and when I did:


Arse! This keeps happening. Do Sky employ Site Unreliability engineers?!

And then get I this email. Can you spot what REALLY makes me angry? Yes, [email protected] might as well read:

Arse! no. 2

If I only had the opportunity to reply to the email with a simple query, that would be ideal. No need to hang around on the phone. Can be answered – and in writing too – at a time that’s convenient for both myself and Sky. But no. You have to go through a bloody phone system.

Again – this is information technology working against bettering our experience. And I just hate the bloody thing. And Sky TV is absolutely getting cancelled in March/April. As Popeye once remarked, “I cant’s stands thems no more..”

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