The Office

After a month of various consultations and whatnot, one of my colleagues volunteered for redundancy, which means that I am still working for SMG. It comes as a relief, since job hunting is not very pleasant and despite having some strong leads, the whole process was enormously stressful.

My heart goes out to those that are looking for new positions, of course, and sincerely hope that this industry does better to accommodate growth responsibility from now on. That said, Take-Two Interactive, the publishers of a certain much-anticipated game called GTA VI, are planning layoffs too – potentially up to 579 jobs.

So, for me, the answer is still 42 and I’m still not from Guildford after all[1] but a small town called Woking. As for the question, well, only the mice[2] can figure that one out.

[1] I just work there.
[2] Pan-dimensional beings.

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