Welcome to another redesign!

I honestly couldn’t stay away from WordPress for long. Call it fate, call it whatever you will, WordPress and I are inseparable whether we like it or not.

It’s a pity that Google Sites never worked out, but it was never really meant as a web site builder for anything other than maybe internal documents and how-tos. The lack of sitemaps, limited bare domain support (no HTTPS), and an increasingly dodgy content editor made for an experience that I will never forget (nor will I want to use again). But I am rather proud of a couple of pages that I think looked much better than I imagined them.

So here we are, back on a virtual server that’s running under AMD hardware and Debian Bullseye (Great, smashing super – you can’t beat a bit of Bully – look what you could have won, etc.) I must give a shoutout to the Debian team for a decent, trouble-free upgrade.

Oh, and RSS feeds are back again – so you can now use your favourite news reader (mine’s Feedbin, though I also use Reeder for macOS and iOS on occasion).

I shall no doubt continue to tinker with the design of the site for a while, so my apologies if anything breaks over the next few days or weeks.

Regular service resumes shortly!