X’s Premium+ isn’t worth XXXX

As I’m always curious about these things, I decided to give Premium Plus X (formally Twitter) a go. This is the most expensive tier principally because it claims you don’t see any ads and offers a variety of other benefits.


And I count at least three or four ads in long X posts. So it’s complete nonsense that you don’t see any ads with the Premium Plus subscription. Plus the Grok A.I. thing isn’t available outside the US, so that’s a worthless benefit too.

Now, I can see what you’re thinking: But Martyn, it says that you don’t get ads in the For You or Following feeds, but it doesn’t say anything about not getting ads within posts themselves (e.g. replies to posts). You’re right. It doesn’t say that. But it certainly doesn’t make it clear that you do. The terms and conditions doesn’t mention it either.

And do you want to know how to contact support? Only by reaching out to @Premium via X itself. How do you get support if the service itself has fallen over? And there’s been no response as yet after 48 hours. Wonderful service you get for nearly £20/month. Not only does it not do what it says, you get second-class support. And the number of references to Twitter rather than the rebranded X when setting up the account is immeasurable (see screenshot above).

It’s just all so sloppy. Musk’s cost cutting exercise after buying Twitter, along with his “opinions” are driving advertisers away from the service faster than mice to cheese, and that has resulted in an half-arsed service. I wanted to support those that are still supporting the infrastructure, but I’d kind of expected it to work as promised – especially at that price point.

Yes, this is the price of “Premium+” social media. Oh, and no refunds even if the feature isn’t working!

I’ve cancelled Premium+ and will settle for the cheap, free and crap advertising-laden service until such times those that I follow decide to leave permanently for either Blue Sky or Threads. Or we all just give up on social media. Facebook itself has become a graveyard these days. It’s all quite depressing, really.

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