Goodbye Social Media..

.. you were.. crap. Yet it started off so well.

I’ve just deleted the majority of my social media accounts with the exception of LinkedIn because – quite frankly – none of them can be trusted to do the right thing, and they’re just full of bots spreading propaganda for the most greedy, narcissistic, selfish, power-hungry people on Earth. And automated bots. You’re pretty much shouting into the void. And bots. Did I mention bots?

X is a massive shit show both technically and socially. Facebook has become a graveyard and has essentially become the Friends Reunited of social media. Instagram is just confusing with its reels, stories and posts. Threads became just another X clone and became just as toxic as the place it was meant to replace. Bluesky has no two factor authentication, which in this day and age, is bloody ridiculous – and then it’s mainly a celebrity hangout. Regular folk have accounts, but they don’t use them. Mastodon had the right idea, but it’s far too fragmented and fiddly.

So I’m sticking to using this blog (of which I have full control over the contents and how it works), and LinkedIn (for professional and the occasional social) use. Oh, and YouTube. But even then that can be pretty awful. But not nearly as much as the rest of them combined. I had to restart my YouTube channel having deleted Google Workspace. But then again, a new start was probably a good idea anyway.

Bring back Google+, you were pretty good!

Palm Pilot? Sounds like a.. *foghorn* machine

Now that the Apple Vision Pro has been unleased to the great unwashed (but extremely rich) public, I’m reminded of what Brian Blessed said about the original Palm Pilot (video below). Apart from watching movies in 3D and looking like you’ve gone skiing, imagine the many other uses of the Vision Pro – augmented reality porn, for example. What will Apple release next? A sensation suit? Definitely augmented reality porn.

But given the anti-social and highly personal nature of the Vision Pro, it makes me wonder: will Apple sell Vision Pros as a family pack? That way, the baby and its older siblings can also see things that aren’t there.

Me? Cynical about future tech? NEVER.