Jane Goldman to tackle Tim Burton’s Pinocchio for Warners

Britain’s finest screenwriter (in my opinion) Jane Goldman is to tackle a new adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s classic fairytale, Pinocchio for Warner Bros. While they have not officially signed on, Tim Burton (he of mad hair and fantastically opulent films) should see Robert Downey, Jr. play Pinocchio’s creator (and father), Geppetto.

I’m intrigued to see what becomes of this. I’m assuming it’ll use heavy CG (always a worry – and this is from somebody who earned a living from it) mixed with live action as Burton did with Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Goldman’s involvement should also mean a lively retelling of the tale that everybody should know by heart.

The last version of Pinocchio I’ve seen was Roberto Benigni’s 2002 adaption in which he stars, co-writes and directs. It received some of the worst reviews I’ve ever read for a film, but the funny thing is that I rather like it. It’s unusual that Beningi plays the titular role without using any puppetry, CG or any kind of special character effects (although the film still contains a significant amount of FX for lots of other stuff). It’s the closest thing to theatrical performance of the story yet.