Yogannot be serious: Ouch

My inaugural Memset Ltd. yoga session took place yesterday afternoon. I shall NEVER again think of yoga as being some namby-pamby new-age hipster exercise regime. It is tough – especially if you’re me: 36 years old, male, out of shape, and in desperate need of losing a few stone.

For an hour our instructor put us through a variety of torturous stretching positions. At one point I was sweating buckets and panting like a dog. Early on in the session I was doing a particular exercise that’s not unlike push-ups, and the instructor asked me if the sound she heard was my back clicking – no, in fact it was the elastic in the waist of of cycle leggings[*] complaining about the strain it’s having to go through. Facepalm.

I sat a few exercises out due to being utterly unready for the cruel punishments being dished out – my fellow work colleagues were doing admirably well, but then again they’re about 5-10 years younger than me, go to the gym and aren’t “bulky”. The instructor was incredibly kind and patient with me, and that I’m grateful for.

Will I go back? Yes. I’m going to persevere. With the correct diet and regular yoga sessions I reckon I can get in shape. I actually felt pretty damn great cycling home – I really worked those pedals and gave the electric throttle a bit of a rest. I’m about to invest in my own yoga mat and there seems to be several iPad apps that may help with reminding me of the positions. There are also regular yoga sessions in Guildford that might be worth attending too.

What next after yoga? Yogic flying, I reckon ;)

[*] Killing two birds with one stone – since the cycle leggings are stretchy, I can do the yoga session then immediately jump on the pushbike to go straight home without ever having to change.