Time to put on my pith helmet..

.. and go job hunting.

I can’t go into any detail other than to link to this news article, but it’s looking likely that I’m going to need to find another job rather soonish. As such, if you know of any open positions for a (senior) systems administrator/IT Infrastructure engineer – please get in touch. I suppose I could always move to Japan (as opposed to commuting – it’s a bit of a trek) and work for Kojima-san.

A copy of my CV without my address and phone details is embedded below (assuming your browser supports it – otherwise please click here).

Please get in touch if you’d like a copy with full details. Essentially I’d be looking to work in the Woking/Guildford areas, or London, Farnborough or Basingstoke. Anywhere where I can commute to easily by train and bus. Hybrid working is good, and I’d also accept remote working too.

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